February 2011 Crime Reports

The crime reports for February are below. With a several snow days and a short month, the numbers are very low. I expect these numbers to go up as Spring approaches. We did see a small jump in the number of auto thefts. Nothing compared to the numbers we used to see a couple of years ago, but a few more than normal for the last two years. Speaking of cars, you’ll see one incident where a thief was laid out under a car trying to saw off a muffler when a resident saw him and chased him off. These incidents are rare, but they are usually the work of a crew that specializes in this sort of thing. Be on the lookout. You’ll also notice the rape that occurred below. This was an acquaintance situation that occurred at a private Super Bowl party. There is a known suspect.

St. Pat’s 

The annual St. Pat’s event went well this year for the most part. While there were the usual quality of life issues, there were no major incidents. We will be meeting with DPD and organizers sometime in the next few weeks for a recap with more detail. We would very much like to hear any comments, complaints or suggestions you might have regarding this year’s event. We will gather those and forward to planning group for next year’s event. You can send comments to me at crimewatch@lgna.net or to Pat Carr at director1@lgna.net. We love hearing from you and we try to make sure all our residents’ concerns get heard by DPD and the event organizers. PS – A big THANKS to all the volunteers who helped us post all the No Parking Signs.

Garage Doors

With spring upon us, many are going out into the garage to pull out the yard working supplies for the spring spruce-up. Try to remember to keep garages and toolsheds locked up. Almost every year we hear about someone who had tools stolen from the shed while they were working in the front yard.  

Street Parking

You’ll notice below, I’ve begun reporting the location of vehicles as “Public Street” or “Parking Lot” instead of just residence. If you look through the incidents below, you’ll see that almost every car break-in and auto theft occurred either in a parking lot or a car parked on the street. Only one incident occurred in a driveway, and that was an alley driveway. I’ve mentioned it several times before, but if you are able, try to avoid parking on the street overnight.