Meet The Candidates Forum

District 2 and District 14 “Meet the Candidates” – Thursday, March 31

District 14 and District 2 voters will have a chance to “Meet the Candidates” on Thursday, March 31, at St. Matthew’s Cathedral located at Ross and Henderson in East Dallas.  Scheduled for 6:30 p.m., the town-hall type meeting will allow City Council candidates – two from District 2 and four from District 14 – to respond to questions submitted by area residents. 

In anticipation of the May 14 election, the coalition of ten neighborhood-oriented groups will host an evening to get to know the candidates running for the two districts’ City Council seats, their positions, and how they would serve the City of Dallas.  District 14 candidates are incumbent Angela Hunt, Vernon Franko, James Nowlin, and Brian Oley.  District 2 candidates are incumbent Pauline Medrano and Billy MacLeod.

Both districts include portions of East Dallas, the Central Business District, and West Dallas within their boundaries. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or business owner – if you care about the future of Dallas, then you will be interested in this event.  The “Meet the Candidates” format will provide an opportunity for each candidate to make short prepared statements as well as answer questions posed by the residents that they represent.

Due to the large number of participants and thus in order to save time, a neighborhood committee led by Lakewood Heights Neighborhood Association’s David Kindle will take community input to formulate a list of forum questions for the candidates.  Citizen input will be summarized based on greatest interest.  The event will be a combination of prepared and unscripted responses that should allow us to get a better understanding of the candidates.

If you’re in District 2 or District 14 and have a question for the candidates, please email them to before March 30.  Along with your question, please include whether you’re a District 14 or District 2 resident or business owner.

Also, look for Vickery Place Neighborhood Association’s forum for mayoral candidates on April 14. The mayoral forum is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on April 14th at Vickery Towers. The property is located at Greenville and Belmont, with the entrance being off of Belmont. The event is being held in the property’s dining room. David Kunkle, Ron Natinsky, and Mike Rawlings will all be in attendance.

Neighborhood groups sponsoring the event include:

Lakewood Heights Neighborhood Assn.
Lower Greenville Neighborhood Assn.
Dallas Homeowners League
Hudson Heights Neighborhood Assn.
Vickery Place Neighborhood Assn.
Lowest Greenville West Neighborhood Assn.
Belmont Neighborhood Assn.
Greenland Hills Neighborhood Assn.
Wilshire Heights Neighborhood Assn.
Munger Place Historic District Assn.