Winedale Tavern – Sold, Not Closed

Avi Adelman has published a Barking Dogs article stating that the Winedale Tavern has closed, blaming the closure primarily on the PD.  Jon Hetzel of Madison Partners, the property’s landlord, tells us that while there are changes, the Winedale has not closed and any changes are not due to the PD.

Winedale’s owner, Lota Dunham, has decided to step back from active management.  Madison Partners worked with Lota and with Kim Finch, owner of the Double Wide, a Madison Partners tenant in Deep Ellum.  Kim will take over temporary management of the Winedale for Lota.  Eventually the Winedale will close briefly for renovation and open again as the Single Wide.  Jon emphasizes that the decision has nothing to do with the PD, gangbangers, or parking.

 On other Madison Partners news, you may have noticed food trucks on the Arcadia property last weekend.  Two permitted mobile food trucks were open for business last weekend, and one will probably be there for brief periods on most weekends.  The City is working out details on paperwork for the permanent facility, and Jon is optimistic that the go-ahead will come soon.