St. Patrick’s Day 2011

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The annual St. Patrick’s Day Special Event is coming on March 12, 2011. In an effort to quell the negative impact of tens of thousands of St. Patrick’s party-goers descending upon Lower Greenville residential neighborhoods, LGNA has again been working with event organizers, City departments, and other neighborhood associations to achieve significant results. Temporary no-parking signs will again be posted on the east side of Greenville between Ross and Winton. The only blocks that are excepted from no-parking signs will be the 5900 and 6000 blocks north of McCommas and the 5700-6000 blocks of McCommas itself. Because McCommas and Mockingbird are major thoroughfares and wide enough to accommodate two-way traffic, there will not be any parking restrictions on those two streets. All other blocks within the LGNA area – Ross to Mockingbird, Greenville to Skillman – will have either temporary no-parking signs, permanent no-parking, or day-long resident parking only.

Most north-south streets between Ross and Mockingbird, with the exception of Matilda and Skillman which are also major thoroughfares, will also have no-parking on one side of the street. Concho north of McCommas will not have temporary no-parking signs. The city has provided a map of the no-parking areas on both sides of Greenville. LGNA will ensure that the map will be distributed to all residents affected.

LGNA has sought to improve conditions caused by businesses south of Belmont and north of the block party between Vanderbilt and Mockingbird. Bars and other businesses outside of the permit area take advantage of the parade north of Mockingbird, overflow, and after-party crowds to host additional events, extending the impact of the event to all of Lower Greenville from Mockingbird to Henderson. These merchants are not regulated by City controls because they are not permit holders. Their events and promotions attract thousands of partiers who sometimes cause serious negative impact on nearby residential areas. LGNA has again requested the Dallas Police Department to meet with Greenville-Avenue businesses south and north of the block party to lessen the negative impact of their activities.

Each year has seen incremental improvements to fine-tune control of the huge crowds, heavy traffic, litter, illegal parking, and other issues associated with the several events along Greenville Avenue. Every year, these improvements are possible because of the hard work of over 100 neighborhood-association volunteers who work with the City and business-owners. This year will be no different.

LGNA volunteers, assisted by area Boy Scout troops, annually construct and erect hundreds of temporary no-parking signs to allow passage of traffic and emergency vehicles. While the City and the sponsors of the block party pay for the signs, they are constructed and posted by neighborhood volunteers. Additional volunteers are needed to insure our success. If you can help construct signs on Saturday, March 5, or help post signs on Thursday, March 10, call 214-821-2562 or email