July 2013 Crime Report

The numbers are up a little this month. The Central Division is currently seeing a increase in crime numbers over what the other areas are seeing. Most of that is coming from outside our neighborhood, but we are seeing some increases as well. Our area is up this month in thefts and break-ins but still within the range of normal for us. The biggest jump was in car break-ins. (Story below) BMVs currently account for 43% of “Part 1” crimes, the more serious crimes. Last year they were 37%, so this is on the rise.

There was a robbery on Matilda near the Turtle Dove Apartments. The victim was a 17 year old male. The robbers were 2 Latin males who attacked and beat the victim and took the contents from his pockets. There were no weapons involved. The incident occurred very late at night and the victim didn’t report it until the next day. He was unable to provide a more specific description about the attackers.

Car Break-Ins

At 15 BMVs this month, this is a little more than normal. Of these 15 car break-ins, 5 happened in commercial areas. Of the 10 that occurred in the neighborhood, 9 were parked in the street. Most all of these this month were the “smash and grab” variety as opposed to the pros that steal catalytic converters and tailgates. These were all scattered out across the area during the month with the exception of 4 which occurred in 4 days between McCommas & Mockingbird and Greenville & Matilda. There were also 3 business burglaries in this same area just two weeks prior to this. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:
– Smash and grabs are the most common type of BMV, these almost always happen to cars parked in the street.
– TAKE-LOCK-HIDE works – About 50% of all car break-ins are unlocked vehicles.
– Don’t leave registration, title or insurance cards in your car. These can be used for identity theft.

PS – Someone in the area reported some video to police of a suspicious person walking down the street pulling on door handles to see if the cars were unlocked. The suspect was a young, blonde girl dressed like any typical neighborhood kid. Remember when being on the look out, its the behavior that is suspicious, not the way they are dressed or how they look.

The Wild Ride

It was pretty widely reported, but you’ll see the incident below. DWIs would not normally be on this report, but since this one involved numerous other violations, its included. On the morning of July 21, a Lakewood Heights resident loaded his baby into the car and decided to go for a drive despite being completely intoxicated, at 10am in the morning. He crashed into at least 4 cars as he drove down the street. Police located him by following the trail of a deep gouge left in the street by the guy driving through the neighborhood without a front tire. When he landed in the 5700 block of Palo Pinto, he abandoned the car (leaving his 1 year old baby behind) and fled on foot. Police arrested him about a block away on Matilda.