June 2013 Crime Report

We keep getting a little better every month on the numbers. For the first time ever, one of our reporting areas went an entire month with NO SERIOUS INCIDENTS. Congrats to the folks in the Belmont Addition CD on keeping it safe! We had only one burglary in the neighborhood this month, way below normal and 9 car break-ins also a little below normal. There was a robbery at knife-point of a waiter walking home after his shift. The suspect was a black male 25-30 years, 6’2″ 180-200LBS, wearing a dark shirt and jeans. As Officer Keith says, we live in a target rich environment, so you have to be extra careful.

Elderly Scam Incident

An elderly man was scammed this month when a white male appeared at the door claiming to be checking for contaminated water. He let the suspect in and he then began to check various faucets around the house. He asked for a small cup to take a water sample with him and then proceeded to spill it on the elderly man. The suspect then told the man that he would need to put his ring in a bowl of milk for about 10 minutes to keep it from tarnishing if the water was contaminated. The man then left in a black car and the elderly man found that the ring was not in the cup of milk. Of course you NEVER let anyone in your house who hasn’t previously scheduled an appointment. But if someone knocks on your door with a cockamamie story like this, please call 911 right away and get the best description you can of the person.

Random Notes:

– There were a couple of purse snatching incidents this month. One at the San Fran Rose and another at Walmart. The one at Walmart ended up with a bystander chasing down the suspect and confronting him behind 7/11 where a fight broke out. He got the purse back, but the valuables were already gone. Both of these occurred when the victim left set down their wallet or purse and looked away for just a moment.
– A gun was stolen from an unlocked car parked on the street on Richmond. Please keep guns secure at ALL times if you own them.
– A prank turned into a serious incident and then an arrest when someone ordered a pizza and thought it would be funny to answer the door and point a BB gun at the delivery boy and yell threats at him. The delivery boy had a panic attack and DFR had to be called out revive him. The resident with the BB Gun got a courtesy ride to the pokey.
– A neighbor reported that she gave her keys to a valet operator at San Fran Rose and when they were returned, the house key had been swapped for a copy which did not work properly when she got home. We’ve had our ENP officer looking into this, but as a tip… never give your entire key ring to a valet. Use the valet key if you have one. Personally, I keep the car key seperate from everything else for this very reason.
– We had 4 more incidents of auto parts thefts. Three were tires/rims stolen and one a stolen tailgate. These guys have been quietly working the area for a while, so continue to be on the look-out.