St. Pat’s Event Coming March 17th

In an effort to quell the impact of tens of thousands of St. Patrick’s party-goers descending upon Lower Greenville residential neighborhoods on March 17, the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association has been working since October with event organizers, City departments, and other neighborhood associations to achieve significant results.

No-parking signs will be placed on parkways Thursday evening (24 hours prior to the event), but parking restriction does not go into effect until Saturday morning. A note to residents: Remove your car from the side of the street with signs before Saturday morning, March 17, and tell your neighbors to do the same. Cars parked in violation of the no-parking plan will be towed. There will be no exception for residents.

Working with the city, LGNA delivered an information sheet and a detailed map of the parking restrictions to all residents in the LGNA area. Click on either of the images below for more information.


New this year at the request of residents north of McCommas, no-parking signs will be erected in the 5900-6000 blocks of streets north of McCommas.  A larger attendance at the parade north of Mockingbird and increased events in the Greenville/McCommas area have spread parking onto residential streets as far north as Mockingbird.

In 2007 and 2008 LGNA conveyed residents’ concerns about the amount of residential parking taken by Lowest Greenville bar patrons on streets south of Belmont, and the no-parking signs were extended to Ross. After St. Patrick’s in 2011, LGNA conveyed residents’ concerns about parking north of McCommas, and City officials have again listened to our citizens.

The only street excepted from no-parking signs is the 5700-6000 blocks of McCommas. Because McCommas is a major thoroughfare and wide enough to accommodate two-way traffic, there will be no parking restrictions. All other blocks within the LGNA area – Ross to Mockingbird, Greenville to Skillman – will have either temporary no-parking signs, permanent no-parking, or day-long resident parking only.

Temporary no-parking or RPO signs are generally on the north side of the street for east-west streets and on the west for north-south streets. However, there are a few exceptions because of permanent no-parking or RPO signs or because of bus traffic.

In addition to the block party between Vanderbilt and Vickery, the morning’s Upper Greenville parade sends free-drinking parade watchers meandering south with the accompanying problems of excessive parking, litter, and lack of restrooms. At the request of LGNA and neighborhood associations west of Greenville, the area between Winton and Belmont will see trash containers and signage intended to deter littering and DWI.

Each year has seen incremental improvements to fine-tune control of the huge crowds, heavy traffic, litter, illegal parking, and other issues associated with the several events along Greenville Avenue. These improvements are possible because of the hard work of over 100 volunteers every year. This year will be no different.