January 2012 Crime Report

After a string of several below average crime months, we popped back up to the typical level this month. Some of this came from a string of assaults around Kinki’s and NSL, five this month alone. On violent crime, two were family violence situations, but the other two were a robbery in the parking lot of the Turtle Dove apartments and a car-jacking in the Billiard Bar parking lot. (See story below)  We’re also seeing a slow increase in the number of auto thefts. One was stolen right out of a driveway on Ellsworth this month. Over the couple of years, we had slowed to a small trickle with many months having no auto thefts at all. But lately, we’ve been seeing them more consistently. This is not been a dramatic increase, but something to keep our eyes on. Please keep reporting suspicious vehicles and suspicious persons to 911.

Car Jacking on Lowest Greenville

Our most serious incident this month involved a woman who was car-jacked and kidnapped from Lowest Greenville. As the woman was getting into her vehicle in a parking lot, the suspect opened the door, pointed a gun at her and forced her to move over into the passenger seat. He drove to the ATM machine at Greenville & Vickery, put on a mask and forced her to withdraw $300. He then forced the victim back into the car and drove to Givendale road in South Dallas where he dropped her off. He then threw her phone out the window and she was able to call the police. The vehicle had LoJack installed. The suspect has been arrested and fortunately the victim was not injured. Although things have gotten much, much better on Lowest Greenville, these things still happen, you even heard of this happening at North Park Mall. Its never a good idea to be in a parking lot alone in late evening hours. Try to find someone to walk you to your car if possible if you’re out late.

Electronics Burglary Suspect in Custody

Over the last few months, I’ve mentioned the “Electronics Burglar” that was hitting homes all over the area south of Mockingbird. He hit several homes in the 5900/6000 blocks of the M-Streets over a period of a few months. Last month I mentioned that he seemed to have moved on or been arrested for something else since there hadn’t been any recent incidents. After burglarizing a home in the Cochran Heights area, a good tip from an alert home owner put the DPD and their ENP officer in the right direction to identify a potential suspect. DPD didn’t want to share the specifics of they got from the tip to the identification since the case is still pending, but it included some hi-tech tools and a lotta good effort on their part. The suspect was pulled over and arrested in Lewisville. A search of the vehicle found a gold mine of stolen property. The case is not closed yet and the investigation continues, but police feel pretty confident this is the guy that hit our area.