July 2011 Crime Reports

The crime reports for the month of July are below. Fortunately, the major crime wave we experienced last July did not recur this year. Although we had a few more serious incidents of robberies, the overall crime rate was fairly normal for what is usually the worst month of the year. Actually, it was a little better than normal. There was a higher than normal number of incidents in the commercial parts of the neighborhood which offset the gains in the residential area. The commercial area typically averages 20 incidents per month, but this month they racked up 30.

Burlgar Arrested

There were two burglaries on LaVista recently. One of the homeowners provided a specific list of stolen property. Using the list, police found a pawn shop which had recently received a set of items that matched the list. From this, police were able to identify and arrest the suspect who was a resident on LaVista, stealing from his own neighbors. Most of the time, when I ask you to look out for your neighbors it’s to prevent harm, but if you see a neighbor acting suspiciously, that’s something to report as well.

Burglaries in BACD

Our ENP officer is watching a burglary trend occurring in the area around the Belmont Addition Conservation District (RA 1162 below.)  Over the last 2 months there have been at least 6 burglary incidents which appear to have a similar MO. There were also two similar incidents south of Belmont, but a suspect has been arrested in that case and the burglaries north of Belmont continued after the arrest. Most of these have occurred between Belmont and Velasco in the 59xx and 60xx blocks, but our ENP officer tells me they have also occurred on the other side of Skillman as well. The common similarity is that the suspect takes a less valuable item and leaves a more valuable item in plain sight behind. For example, in one case, he took costume jewelry but left cash behind. DPD has fingerprints from a couple of the cases and our ENP officer is following it closely to try to get the case moved up the food chain.