June 2011 Crime Reports

We had another fairly light month in crime activity. The problem with auto thefts we saw last month seems to have moved on, none this month. Although we had a typical number of car break-ins, only 4 of those occurred in the neighborhood. The rest occurred in parking lots.  There was a robbery in a parking lot near the Dubliner/Grape area. Two women were punched and their property taken while walking to their car. While we occassionally have robberies north of McCommas and south of Belmont, it is very unusual inbetween. I haven’t seen any similar incidents since. Please try to attend the LGNA Fajita Fest on Tuesday July 19th if you can. We’ll meet at Greenland Hills United Methodist Church, Penrose @ Delmar at 7pm. Our Extended Neighborhood Patrol officer will be there to discuss any issues you might have. And feel free to enter the dessert contest if you like, you might win a prize!

Lock It or Lose It

Every month I lecture you all about leaving your homes and cars unlocked. Here are two more examples:  A new resident to the neighborhood had just moved in. While she was doing a little craftwork on the front porch, a pair of burglars entered her home through an unlocked back door and made away with two laptop computers. When her boyfriend drove up, the suspects fled down the alley. (Suspects were described as two black males, one wearing a brown shirt with white lettering.) In a second incident, a woman had left her car unlocked in the Walgreens parking lot while she walked to the RedBox to return a movie. In that short amount of time, someone entered her vehicle and stole the wallet from her purse without being seen. This occurred at 10:45am, broad daylight. Please lock your doors at all times!

Alarm Scams

The Dallas Morning News had an article last week about alarm scams. People will come to your door and offer to discuss upgrading your alarm system. This is often a ruse to gain entry to the home to case it out for a later burglary. Once inside, they can determine where the valuables are located, the layout of the home and if you have an alarm system that they might be able to defeat. Never let anyone in your home that you haven’t invited over. If someone appears on your doorstep, ask to see a photo id. If they don’t have one, call 911 and report them as a suspicious person. Police will be able to check ID for warrants and determine if this is legitimate or not.