May 2011 Crime Report

The crime reports for May are below.  I apologize for the delay this month, the computers at DPD were having trouble. This was a fairly average month with the exception of auto thefts where we had a spike.

Auto Thefts
There were a flurry of 7 auto thefts this month, 3 cars and 4 trucks. All four of the trucks were similar models. (In fact two were the same victim, days apart.) These were all stolen in a 2 week period between May 6 and May 20. Two of the trucks were later found stripped and abandoned. There have been no auto thefts since. This seems to indicate that it was probably a targetted offense by the same crew. These crews will work their way around the city hitting an area just long enough to attract attention and then moving elsewhere.

ENP In Action
About two months ago, a group of known burglars moved into the neighborhood. Shortly after, an alert neighbor heard some rustling in her back yard and went to investigate and chased off a group of people from her yard. She quickly called 911 and responding officers found them walking down the street a block away. One of them had scratches all over his arms from what appeared to be climbing through bushes. They could not charge them with anything since they did not get any loot and the witness did not see them well enough to get a description. Since they were known criminals and we knew the address, we sent our ENP Officer over to pay them a “courtesy visit”. Prior to this there had been several burglaries in the immediate area. After his coutesy visit, none. We can’t always put them away, but preventing crime in the first place has always been the goal of our crime watch and our ENP program.

Securing Firearms
There were three seperate incidents this month of guns being stolen in either a burglary or a car break-in. It’s a safe bet that when a weapon is stolen it ends up in the wrong hands. If you keep firearms in the home, please keep them in a secured location such as a gun safe when not in use.

Save The Date(s)
Please join us on Tuesday July 19th at 7pm at the Greenland Hills United Methodist Church for the annual LGNA Fajita Fest/Pot Luck. The turn out gets bigger every year and its a great way to meet your neighbors. Look for your LGNA newsletter on your doorstep for more info. Also, don’t make plans for Oct 4th which is this year’s National Night Out. Last year’s event was huge, and we’re already working on plans for this year’s event.