May 2011 LGNA Meeting

Mark your calendar for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17. The event is LGNA’s annual meeting which will be held in the new Glory Be Hall at Greenland Hills United Methodist Church, 5835 Penrose. The new Subway location at Mockingbird and Greenville will bring goodies and donate some of their popular sandwiches for us to enjoy while we meet.

Our main topic for the evening will be crime prevention. Our ENP officer will be there to talk about ways to make your home less attractive to criminals and harder to get into. In addition, Crime Watch coordinator Darren Dattalo will go over some of the trends in crime in our neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to learn some very simple ways to reduce the chance that you will be the next victim. As well as providing a forum for valuable crime-prevention and crime-watch information, the annual meeting also includes election of four posts on the LGNA board of directors. There are four candidates up for reelection to the board: Darren Dattalo, Philip Kingston, Alan Shonborn and John Dailey.