November 2010 Crime Report

We had another fairly good month with a low number of total offenses overall. However, the numbers of home break-ins and car break-ins were about typical. Just a quick holiday reminder to please have packages delivered to your office or have them require a signature  for delivery. Leaving packages on your porch this time of year is not a good idea.


Lower Greenville’s Most Wanted: 
Michael Bartlome

We’ve frequently mentioned the name Michael Bartlome in these crime watch updates. He has been breaking into cars in our neighborhood for years and is by all accounts the most high impact offender in our neighborhood. He has been repeatedly arrested, convicted, served time and released onto to immediately start breaking into cars again. Two months ago, he was arrested after his fingerprints were found in a stolen car filled with property stolen from vehicles around the neighborhood. He made bail and was released. He was arrested again in Junius Heights last week for some outstanding tickets. At the time he was arrested, he was carrying the usual tools of someone ready to break into a car. He’s obviously up to his usual behaviour even while he awaits trail on the last round of charges. Even though the courts keep letting him out, the police consistently do a good job in picking him up. Please be on the lookout and call 911 if you see him in the area.

Lowest Greenville Planned Development: 
The CPC is voting today on a recommendation for the Lowest Greenville PD. This measure is designed to reduce the level of violent crime on Lowest Greenville (south of Belmont). The next step will be a vote at the City Council. On behalf of all the area neighborhood associations, we appreciate the emails of support you sent to the CPC.