Lowest Greenville PD Comes to Vote

The Lowest Greenville Planned Development is an effort to resolve some of the persistent crime problems caused by a small number of bars on Lowest Greenville which have consistently drawn violent crime into the area. The plan is working its way through the City of Dallas zoning process at this time. The message below from Angela Hunt and the six area neighborhood associations describes how you can help us get this proposal passed. There is an organized opposition which wishes to continue business as usual, so your support is needed. Please take a moment to email the CPC with your support of this proposal.

Next week, the City Plan Commission will vote whether to recommend a proposal to require Lower Greenville businesses to get a permit from the city to operate after midnight. This effort enjoys broad, unprecedented support from all surrounding neighborhood associations, major property owners, business owners, the Dallas Police Department, and City Councilmembers Angela Hunt and Pauline Medrano. 


Email the City Plan Commission and tell them why you want them to VOTE YES on the Lower Greenville proposal. Everyone, please email the plan commissioners and let them know how important this is for our neighborhood and for the future of Lower Greenville!  You must include your name and address.  (You can email CPC Secretary Yolanda Hernandez at Yolanda.Hernandez@DallasCityHall.com and she’ll distribute to all the plan commissioners.)
Join us at the City Plan Commission hearing on Thursday, December 16th at 1:30 p.m.
 Whether you are a homeowner, renter, business owner, commercial property owner, employee, or customer, if you care about the future of Lower Greenville, please join us at the Plan Commission hearing this Thursday at City Hall at 1:30 p.m. (1500 Marilla St., 6th Floor Council Chambers).  Even if you do not wish to speak at the microphone, your presence shows the Commission that you care about the quality of life in our neighborhood.
Property Owners:  Please turn in your “Blue Reply Form.”
If you own property within 200 feet of the area in the proposed PD, you should have received a “Blue Form” in the mail.  These forms help the City Plan Commission and City Council gauge support.  Please fill it out and return it by NOON on Wednesday, December 15, 2010.  (If you think you own property in the 200-foot radius and didn’t get a reply form, please contact Pat Carr for a YES affidavit at director1@lgna.net or (214) 821-2562.)
Instructions for completing the blue form:
·        You will have received two blue forms (English and Spanish versions) if you are in the polling area (200 foot radius).  You MUST fill out the form precisely, or it won’t count.  Fill out and return only one form.
·        Under “STEP 1,” check the appropriate box.  Likely, it is “property owner.”
·        Under “STEP 2,” correct the property address if it is wrong.  If you own multiple properties, you MUST return all of the forms you receive (hint:  if you own multiple properties, return all the forms in a single envelope…it will save you postage).
·        Under “STEP 3,” you must check SUPPORT or OPPOSE.  If you support this proposal, check SUPPORT box.
·        Under “STEP 4,” please note…you must enter the date and time of day.  If you enter only the date, your vote will not count.  This is where most forms get disqualified.  So, double-check that under Step 4, you have 1) Signed your name, 2) Entered the date, and 3) ENTERED THE TIME!
·        Don’t forget to put postage to the Blue Form.  If you own multiple properties, you may send all of them in a single envelope.  Please fill out a Blue Form for each property you own in the 200-foot radius.


Why is this being proposed?
Lower Greenville has lost its balance:  too few restaurants, neighborhood pubs, and merchants open during the day and evening, and too many bars open only late at night.  Nearby residents put up with the crime, noise, traffic, litter, and other problems that this over-saturation of problem bars brings to our neighborhood.  Taxpayer dollars and city resources are thrown away in a losing battle to keep the area safe and under control late at night.  Worst of all, YOU have few places to shop and spend quality time with your friends and neighbors.  The retail mix does not reflect the surrounding area’s makeup.

Why not just crack down on the “bad bars”?
The legal processes that the city has at its disposal to address this imbalance of businesses are not enough to fix the problem.  When the city is successful in auditing a bad bar and persuading a court to close it down, another bad bar just takes its place.  The process starts over.  This piecemeal approach to enforcement has been tried for years and is never going to fix Lower Greenville.  This proposal allows citizens to have input about who is open late at night, and holds bad operators accountable.

Are you trying to shut down Lower Greenville at midnight and close all the bars?
No!  The goal is simply to bring some balance back to Lower Greenville and reduce the impact of businesses that operate late at night, not close down all bars or eliminate all nightlife.  No businesses will be shut down as a result of this proposed permitting process.  All businesses may continue to operate until midnight with no permit.

What other changes are envisioned for Lower Greenville?
If this permit requirement is approved, the city will spend $1.3 million of 2006 Bond Funds for an extreme makeover for Lower Greenville.  Starting NEXT SUMMER, the blocks between Bell and Alta will be repaved with wider sidewalks, street trees, antique lighting with matching trash bins and benches, parallel parking, and improved pedestrian crosswalks.  The rest of the street from Belmont to Bryan will be redone in the 2012 Bond Program.

Who supports this proposal?
·  Belmont Neighborhood Association
·  Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association
·  Lowest Greenville West Neighborhood Association
·  Hudson Heights Neighborhood Association
·  Vickery Place Neighborhood Association
·  Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association
·  Major property owners
·  Business owners
·  The Dallas Police Department
·  City Councilmembers Hunt and Medrano

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