Crime Alert – Nighttime Burglaries

The alert below was sent to us by the Dallas Police regarding night time residential burglaries in our area. A quick check of the burglaries in the LGNA area showed there were 9 in the last 6 weeks, March 1 through April 15. Please take caution to keep your home secure and alley gates locked.
Advisory Message has been issued by the Dallas Police Department.

Thursday April 15, 2010 9:59 AM CDT

Nightime Residental Burglaries, Greenville Avenue Area.

Residential Burglary Awareness

It’s Spring, and everyone is spending more time outside. While people are out enjoying the nice weather, their homes are vacant. Burglars are aware of this, and, during the warmer weather, residential burglaries usually increase.

Nighttime residential burglaries have increased in beat 142 (beat 142 is bounded by Mockingbird, Abrams, Belmont & Greenville). A reminder to make sure doors are locked at all times, and that garage doors closed and locked. Outdoor lighting during evening and nighttime hours helps to deter burglars. Many times burglars access a home from the rear, and the neighborhoods in this area have alleys, so make sure there’s an outdoor light in the rear of the home, too. 

Get to know your neighbors and look out for each other. Many of the arrests for residential burglaries are made because a neighbor observed the offense, called 911, and gave detailed information that led police to the suspect. Citizen involvement is critical, and has been a huge part of the decline in crime over the past several years.

For crime prevention tips, visit the Central Patrol web site ( From the main page, look under INFO, CRIME PREVENTION FLYERS.

If you want more information, contact the Neighborhood Policing Officer (NPO) desk for Central Patrol at 214-670-4420. If no one answers, all officers are in the field, so please leave a message. Also, on the Central Patrol web site, look under CONTACT US for COMMUNITY & NPO for names of NPO officers. Click on a name, and you’ll be taken to an e-mail page to reach that person. For the Greenville avenue area, look for sector 140 NPO officers.

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