March 2010 Meeting

March meeting – a chance to help your neighborhood
Every year, LGNA hosts two events that are critical to our neighborhood’s quality of life.  Both events involve the St. Patrick’s no-parking signs that help protect our neighborhood Ross to Mockingbird, Greenville to Skillman. This year we will construct and post 750+ temporary signs in the LGNA neighborhood – Ross to Mockingbird, Greenville to Skillman – as well as signs in the Lowest Greenville West Neighborhood Association area bounded by Richmond, Greenville, Henderson, and McMillan.

The sign-construction event took place at the Dallas Police Department Bryan Street storefront on Saturday morning, March 6.  The sign-posting event takes place the Thursday evening before the St. Pat’s events – Thursday, March 11 between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. – at 5843 Vanderbilt, and it will be the official March LGNA membership meeting.  Refreshments will be provided by LGNA, Blue Goose, and Capital Pub.

Join LGNA volunteers, Boy Scouts, and Explorers in a fun event that will benefit yourself and your neighbors.  Courtesy of LGNA and our good friends at Blue Goose and Capital Pub, refreshments will be served.  For more details, email // <![CDATA[
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