Short Term Rental Update

After thorough consideration by the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee (ZOAC) members voted on October 4th to recommend the following amendments of the Dallas City Code to the City Plan Commission, regarding Short Term Rentals (STR):

1.) Create a Purpose Statement which would establish regulations to protect the health and safety of occupants of Short-Term Rental properties, protect the integrity of the districts in which Short-Term Rental properties operate, and preserve the neighborhood character of residential districts within the city, and minimize adverse impacts to the housing supply caused by the conversion of residential units to transient use.

2.) Amend Chapters 51 and 51A of the Dallas Development Code, adding a new definition to the Development Code that classifies Short-Term Rental as a Lodging Use, which would make it consistent with the Tax Code, and permit them only in zoning districts where commercial lodging uses are currently allowed.

The proposed amendments will now be placed on the City Planning Commission (CPC) docket for a public hearing. CPC will receive a briefing from city staff on Nov 17, followed by a public hearing allowing public input on Dec 8. In tandem, City staff is developing Code Regulations which would govern the operation of STRs, associated registration and fees, and STR platform accountability. Upon approval at CPC, these would go to City Council for a public hearing either in December or early next year.  The City Council makes the final decision on all Development Code amendments, which go into effect upon approval.