Crime Alert – Two Robberies

We recently shared with you the robbery that happened on Halloween night on Morningside where a man robbed a woman at gunpoint in her driveway as she was coming home. We have had another similar incident on Mercedes on Saturday night.

This one happened on Saturday evening around 7:30pm in the 5800 block of Mercedes. A woman was arriving home and pulled into her front entry driveway. Upon exiting the vehicle she was immediately approached by a man dressed in all black in a black ski mask brandishing a knife. He forced her to lie on the ground, tossed her cell phone a distance away and made off with her purse. Prior to the incident, she had seen an older light colored sedan driving slowly in the opposite direction. They thought they saw the same vehicle driving slowly past the house later in the evening as well.

The previous incident on Morningside also involved a suspect that was dressed in dark clothes, face covered and forced the victim to lie down on the ground. A gun was used instead of a knife in that incident. While we cannot be 100% certain these are connected, the similarities are hard to overlook. Our ENP officer is following up on this and has told me there have been several incidents in surrounding areas (in Central Patrol Division) that are very similar. There are leads that are being worked. 

You may also have seen in the media a report about a older man who was attacked on Sunday in a robbery in the Campisi’s parking lot on Mockingbird around 9pm. The suspects are 3 young white males. The victim was beaten badly and is currently in ICU from the injuries according to the latest media reports. 

We will update you if we hear anything more that we can share. In the meantime, please be cautious coming and going from your car. Leave porch lights on when possible and call 911 if you see suspicious activity such as vehicles driving unusually slow or passing more than once. And just a reminder, when you see suspicious activity, call 911 FIRST! We appreciate getting your emails with tips, but calling 911 promptly is the most helpful thing you can do.