August 2013 Crime Report

Despite the murder that was widely publicized, August was a great month with one of the lowest number of incidents we’ve ever seen. We are still seeing a fair number of car break ins. Most of the car break-ins this month involved the smash and grab type which usually results in more repair damage than the value of the property stolen. There were three incidents that happened in driveways, two were unlocked vehicles. One was a bike left out on the rack. The rest occurred in the street or parking lots. The only residential burglary this month was of a bike stolen from an open garage.

Update on the Murder Outside Kush

The stabbing that occurred outside Kush last month appears in our crime report this month. The incident was widely covered in the press. The second suspect that police were searching for was arrested. After wide publication of his photo, a family friend recognized him and notified police. Once the identity was confirmed, he turned himself in on Sunday afternoon. This was the suspect alleged to have done the stabbing.

Kush has recently filed for an extension to their late-night hours SUP permit. The area Neighborhood Associations will be looking very closely at the details of this case in addition to other neighborhood concerns about Kush when speaking out on their renewal. If you live in the area very near Kush (within a couple of blocks or so), please drop us an email with any comments or concerns you have about their late night operation. Your input to this process is important.