May 2013 Crime Report

Our crime reports for May are below. This was a fairly quiet month without a great deal of activity. Car break-ins were down slightly and there were only 3 home break-ins.

Asleep At The Wheel, Literally

We had a very unusual case this month where a resident found someone asleep in their vehicle. Although parked in the driveway, the vehicle had been left unlocked. It wasn’t clear if the trespasser had entered the vehicle with the intent to steal or just to find a soft place to lay down. Either way, its just another reason to keep your cars locked no matter where they are parked.

ENP: On the Job

It’s so great that we have a very experienced Expanded Neighborhood Patrol officer in our neighborhood… While on his ENP patrol last week, Officer Keith noticed someone sitting in a parked vehicle on Martel which he knew to be a known burglar. Although he couldn’t arrest him for sitting in his car, Officer Keith had a very pleasant conversation with him which resulted in the visitor promptly leaving the area. We also now have a record of his visit along with a license tag and other info in case there is a problem near there. This type of prevention is what makes the ENP program so important to our neighborhood.

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