Crime Alert – Prowler in the Area

UPDATE May 2, 2013:

According to our ENP Officer Keith Allen, the man arrested last week on Winton (after allegedly attempting to break into a vehicle on McCommas) is the prowler we were looking for. At the time of his arrest, he had 4 outstanding warrants.


This alert is mainly for residents in the area between Vanderbilt and Mockingbird. We’ve had a couple of suspicious incidents in this area in the last week which I wanted you all to know about.

– A resident on the 5900 block of Martel came home to find her rear gate open and the motion sensor lights unscrewed in her back yard. This occurred around April 3rd.

– On April 8th, a resident in the 5800 block on Monticello found a chair in her backyard had been moved to the fence apparently in an attempt to climb over the fence. On the same night, someone in the 5900 block on Monticello was awakened by his dog barking at 2am and saw someone run across his deck and scale the fence.  Another resident on the same block checked his security video and found a prowler in the alley around 2:30am. This prowler had also attempted to access his backyard. He uploaded the video to YouTube and it shows a brief, but clear image of a man with a goatee wearing gloves. Here’s a still photo and a link to the video.


I checked with the online crime reports and did not see any burglaries in these areas over the last 10 days. (There were a few thefts, but no home break-ins.) Still, there’s at least one person out there going where he shouldn’t be. To be safe, make sure your rear gates remain locked and keep the lights on in the backyard. I’ve forwarded this on to our ENP officer for follow-up, but in the meantime, take precautions. If you recognize the guy in the video, please let us know by emailing us at