March 2013 Crime Report

Our crime reports for March are below. (Please read the note below about the data) Overall March was a good month with no violent crime and only 4 home break-ins. We did have several car break-ins in the middle of the neighborhood scattered between Goodwin and Monticello. These were scattered about on different days without any consistency. Of course the main event for March was the annual St. Pat’s Day event. Once again the event went smoothly with no major incidents. In fact, this year was a little tamer with the Snoop Dog Concert drawing a big chunk of the crowd northward earlier in the evening. For the day, there were only 55 calls into 911 in the area. There were 36 public intoxication arrests but only one DWI. Nineteen vehicles were towed and 243 parking citations written.

New Data for Reports
In an effort to streamline the incident reports we get and make them easier to distribute among our neighboring crime watches, we are getting a slightly different report than we’ve been getting over the past. The new report only includes “Part 1” crimes reported. So the overall number may appear smaller than we are used to. Unlike the old ones, this one does not include graffiti, prank phone calls and minor assaults where no one is hurt. But anything we care about is still there, all the thefts, car break-ins etc will still be in the report. Minor incidents are still reported on the DPD website. I wanted to make sure to explain this change for transarency.

Stellar Arrest #1 by DPD
Earlier this week, a man was arrested for trespassing. The event began when a resident reported someone in 58xx McCommas attempting to break into their car. The suspect then fled across Greenville where a second 911 call reported him in someone’s backyard in 56xx Merrimac. DPD then called in the helicopter. A third 911 call came from 56xx Ellsworth that he was trying to get into someone’s back door. A fourth call came in on 57xx Ellsworth reporting him running down the alley and through someone’s yard. While DPD was continuing to search for the suspect, a resident on 57xx Anita flagged down officers and reported seeing the suspect in their alley. At this point DPD dispatched the K9 unit. They were then able to track the suspect down who was hiding under a deck in a resident’s backyard in 57xx Winton. He was arrested for trespassing and as it turns out, he had 4 outstanding warrants. This was a phenomenal display of cooperation between multiple residents and several DPD units. I love that residents from both sides of Greenville got involved and used the 911 system to help DPD track and capture this guy.

Stellar Arrest #2
On April 16-17, DPD captured a robbery crew in the area. One incident happened just before 10pm in the parking lot of the Company Cafe. Three black men robbed a man who was sitting in his vehicle. They fired shots in the process of robbing him. Later that night, a juvenile was flagged down on Monarch while driving by these same three men. When the kid stopped, they robbed him. Both victims reported a license plate number and police were able to arrest the men the same night just a few blocks away on Munger Ave. There were two other robberies in the area a couple days earlier which involved similar suspect descriptions. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence connecting them to the other two incidents at this time, but DPD got them off the street in any case.

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