February 2013 Crime Report

I’m still waiting on the final report for St. Pat’s, but it looks like the event went off smoothly with no major problems thanks to some excellent leadership at DPD and good stewardship of the event sponsors. The crime reports for February are below. Much like last February, we had a very safe month with a lower than normal number of incidents. Other than a small car break-in spree near Concho and Velasco (three hits in one night), there were no major events and no violent crime to report this month.

Lock The Doors Reminder

Spring is here and with the warmer weather we all start dropping windows and opening sunroofs to get some much needed fresh air. Once you’re home, please remember to roll up the windows, close the roof and LOCK IT! Leaving the window open on your car is the equivalent of a “Kick Me” sign on your backside. You wouldn’t believe how many car break-ins occur because of this… On your home windows, remember to lock the window once you shut it. Would-be burglars can spot an open window in the day and then come back at night and check to see if you locked it. It makes for easy, quiet access if you didn’t. And Murphy’s Law states that the one time you forget, will be the day that would-be burglar shows up.

Marathon Alert

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon will be impacting our neighborhood on Sunday morning, March 24. The half marathon will enter the LGNA area at Greenville and Martel. Street closures in the LGNA area will be between 7:00am and approximately noon, and they may affect exit from or access to your home on race day. All of Greenville Avenue will be closed between Martel and Mockingbird. At Mockingbird, there will be only two lanes for vehicle traffic. It will be difficult or impossible to cross Mockingbird between Greenville and Skillman. At Skillman the route turns south toward Swiss Avenue. Only one lane of northbound traffic will be open on Skillman between Live Oak and Mockingbird. Please plan ahead.

ENP On The Job

We had several incidents this month where a resident reported a suspicious person while our ENP officer was on duty. A couple of them turned out to be a lost yard crew or delivery guy. But in one case, he was able to catch up to a couple of shady solicitors and chase them out of the neighborhood. And in a second case, he located the person and was able to coordinate an arrest based on outstanding warrants. When you folks call in these reports, they aren’t always about to locate the person, but when they do, that phone call allows the police to ask for an id and run a check. We don’t want to abuse this practice, but when something seems out of place, it usually is. Often that results in either an arrest or a relocation out of the neighborhood. When you make a report of this nature, try to be as specific as possible when identifying them.

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