December 2012 Crime Reports

The crime reports for December are below. Another good month on the overall numbers with only two residential burglaries. No violent crimes this month, but we do continue to see car break-ins, mostly unlocked vehicles left on the street.

Be sure to join us at the next LGNA Meeting at the Greenland Hills UMC. The meeting is Jan 31, 7pm. I’ll be doing an update on the year-over-year improvements we made with regard to crime numbers. In addition, our ENP officer will be on hand to talk about some of the things he’s working on. We’ll also have an officer from Central Patrol to talk about what’s going on in the areas around us and how we can take precautions.

Update on the Attorney Found Beaten

Many of you have been following the story about the attorney who lived along Matilda who was found beaten on Lowest Greenville. An arrest has been made in the case. It appears that someone the victim had been involved with in a previous altercation happened to see him passing by. He apparently attempted to take revenge for the previous altercation and attacked the victim who fell and hit his head on the concrete. So this was not a random attack, both parties are regulars on Lowest Greenville.