September 2012 Crime Report

Thanks to all those who came out to National Night Out again this year. We had a great turn-out and and lots of great exhibitors. The crime reports for September are below. I’ve already emailed about the rape that occurred at the Turtle Dove, that incident is below. As I’d mentioned, the police have a suspect in custody on that incident. The overall numbers were fairly normal this month though we had a handful more car-break-ins, four of which are connected (see below). One thing I would like to point out… Of 9 car break-ins that occurred this month, 8 of them were cars parked in the street and one was parked in a driveway. Four had been left unlocked.

Last month I told you about two robberies that occurred on Greenville. Those are below, one on Lowest Greenville and the other near McCommas. Initially we thought the incidents were unrelated, but I’m hearing from our ENP officer that there are some similarities and it may be the same people who are also suspected in other incidents. Officer Keith also tells me that someone called in a suspicious person report that led to the capture of a suspect in the second robbery. In a third robbery, the Subway at Mockingbird and Greenville was robbed at gunpoint.

The Parts House
Last month, I told you about thieves that were targetting tailgates from pickup trucks. This month, they have a new wish list. There were two incidents the same night on Monticello and Morningside where a thief made off with a catalytic converter. Both vehicles were older Nissans, a 2002 and 2004. Two weeks later there were two incidents on the same night on Marquita where SUV third row seats were stolen. Both were 2011 model SUVs, a GMC and a Chevrolet. In all four cases, the target vehicle was left parked in the street.

A New Resource for Crime Watchers
Our friends at DPD have recommended a new website for looking at crime information. It can be found at  It lets you see specific types of crime on a map which is great for seeing trends. It can also create a “heat map” showing the hot spots for crime in any part of town. This site does not contain the complete record of details that is available on the DPD site, but its much easier to use. I’ve already made good use of this site in looking for trouble in our neighborhood and I think you’ll find it useful. Perhaps the most useful tool is that it allows you to sign up for a “crime alert” which sends you a report according to any rules you set up. So you can choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly reports. And you can choose which types of crime you want to be alerted to, so you can watch only burglaries and car-break-ins if that is what you want to follow. Best of all, the site is free and you don’t have to worry about your email address being used for nefarious purposes.