August 2012 Crime Report

Let’s face it, we had a pretty rough month. Here are a couple of updates:
– The double murder that occurred midmonth was probably the worst tragedy our neighborhood has seen in a long time. Fortunately, a suspect was quickly identified and arrested.
– The push-in rape that occurred on Sept 7th was another uncharacteristic tragedy for our neighborhood. According to media reports, a suspect was arrested in Richardson shortly after breaking into another apartment and attempting to assault another woman. He was also wanted for a murder in that area. According to reports, DPD have been tailing him as a suspect in the incident on Martel.
The numbers this month look fairly normal, but there were several incidents listed below that probably could be combined. There were two robberies on Lowest Greenville committed by the same suspects who then fled north and were chased down near Anita. Four of the incidents below were all related to the series of events those suspects created. The number of violent crimes and auto thefts was higher than normal this month.

More Robberies 
Despite the arrest of the suspects in the spree on August 6th, there have been two more robberies since then. One on Sept 1 near Monticello and Greenville and another on Sept 10 in a parking lot near Daddy Jacks on Lowest Greenville.  DPD hasn’t released a description, but in one case they fled in a car and the other they fled on foot, so they may be unrelated. Most of these incidents are happening in the vacinity of bar/restaraunt areas. Please exercise caution.

The auto accessories business appears to be booming. We had four incidents reported this month of tailgates being stolen off pickups. All four of them were parked in the street overnight. I also reported a few incidents recently where third row seats being taken. These thieves are experts and can act quickly. Getting your cars off the street is not a guarantee of safety, but its certainly a good first step.