July 2012 Crime Report

Yet another really great month with only 27 total incidents.  This was mostly due to almost a complete absence of the minor incidents such as prank phone calls and graffiti. The numbers on car break-ins and home break-ins were about normal. Unfortunately the robbery string has continued. Please see the story below…

More Robberies

Last month I mentioned a couple of robberies that occurred just outside our boundaries on Bell just off Lowest Greenville (on 7/11). There was another one on Monday (8/6) at Greenville and Prospect in the same general vacinity. The victim was getting into her car in a parking lot around midnight when two black males dressed in all black approached her. The larger suspect (about 220 lbs) pointed a semi-automatic pistol at her and demanded her wallet.  A thinner suspect (about 180lbs) intervened and told her just to give them her whole purse. They then fled in a silver 4-door hatchback.

The next night, two more robberies occurred in quick succession in nearly the same place. There are some conflicting reports on the exact location of these incidents and the police have pulled the public record of the incident so I’m unable to confirm the precise locations, but they occured in parking lots generally between Prospect and Lewis. The first victim was robbed near midnight, his wallet and cell phone were taken. While the victim was looking around for help, he witnessed them rob a woman sitting in her car in a parking lot across the street. They got her purse and cell phone. HOWEVER, this time, they weren’t so lucky. Police were able to track down the suspect vehicle and arrest one of the robbers and the get-away driver. A second robber managed to escape on foot.  Its not known for certain whether these suspects are connected to the Monday night robbery or the two others that occurred on Bell. According to the Dallas Morning News, the robber is being held on $200K bail and the get away driver on $52K bail. The story is still unfolding.

A Knock At The Door

There was an incident on Anita this month that reflects a tactic common among burglars that I wanted to share with you. An elderly couple was at home and heard a knock on the door. They did not answer. The would-be burglar then came around to the back door and broke the glass in an attempt to burglarize the house. The residents heard the glass break and were able to scare off the burglar. Fortunately they incurred no loss other than the broken window and probably a little peace of mind. This is a very common tactic among burglaries looking for a crime of opportunity. If they know you are home, they will go elsewhere. The ones who do this are usually non-violent, but I wouldn’t count on that. When you hear a knock at the door, do let them know you are home. You don’t need to open it, particularly if it is late at night or you suspect something is amiss. But you can talk through the door and ask who it is without opening it. Some have suggested telling them you can’t open the door because the dog might hurt them. That might even be a preventative way of keeping them from coming back. 

Domestic Violence

There were several incidents of domestic violence this month. One involved a boyfriend breaking into a woman’s home and tossing everything around. He didn’t steal anything, but the place was wrecked. Fortunately, the neighbors recognized him and were able to identify him to the police. In another incident, an argument over the stereo volume escalated to an assault and battery in which the male was arrested. In a third incident a dispute between family members escalated to the point of one pulling a gun on the other. Incidents like this are more common than most of us realize and they happen in all types of households; they aren’t limited to the lower income rental homes. If you find yourself involved in a situation like this, your best bet is to remain calm and call 911. If you hear something going on at the neighbor’s house, call 911, but do not intervene. Sometimes a police intervention is a pretty good wake-up call for the folks involved, and you might save a life. Also, DPD has an extensive list of resources available to victims of domestic abuse. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice.