May 2012 Crime Report

Looking at the numbers below, we had a fairly good month statistically. We were well below average on most of the catagories that I track. But behind the numbers we had a couple pretty serious incidents, read on for more. The good news is that we only had 2 burglaries (home break-ins) this month throughout the entire neighborhood. This has been a focus of ours for a while and I hope to see this stay low. The bad news is that one of these burglaries occurred while the residents were at home but entertaining in the backyard. The bad guy came in through an unlocked front door. In this case, one of the things stolen was a loaded gun. If the homeowner had come back in the house a few minutes earlier, this could have had a much worse ending. So just a reminder to keep doors locked at all times, even when you are home or have company over.

There were also 2 auto thefts this month. They occurred less than a block apart and only a few days apart. Both were parked on the street in the residential part of the neighborhood near Morningside and Delmar, not in the bar parking where these thefts usually occur. So keep ’em off the street whenever possible and please report suspicious behaviour to 911.

More Armed Robberies

There have been several more cases of armed robberies recently in and around the LGNA area. (This fourth one was more personal, not random.) In the neighborhood, a older man was walking from his car to his apartment on the 5700-block of McCommas when he was approached by a single gunman who demanded his wallet. There were two other suspects in the vehicle. There were witnesses nearby as well. Police responded very quickly and were able to find the robbers and arrest them. They are known bad guys suspected in other incidents. Unfortunately, the victim and the witnesses were unable to identify the suspects in a lineup. But hopefully, DPD will have no trouble linking them to some other cases and getting them off the street. Just two days prior, a man was robbed on McCommas just across Greenville near the BlueFish parking lot. In another robbery, a man walked into Walgreens with a shotgun and attempted to hold-up the place. When the clerk was unable to get the safe open, he fled without incident. There was yet another armed robbery nearby at McMillan and Madera (near the Slip Inn and Pearl Cup.)   Finally, there was an incident this week in the 6000 block of Belmont involving an armed robbery. The suspect vehicle pulled up into the driveway and threatened the residents with a gun and proceeded to take some items off the front porch including a wallet, phone, purse and laptop. However, this does not appear to be a random incident. From the report it seems that the robbers are aquainted with one of the residents and there was some sort of civil dispute involved. The suspects were found and arrested. Even if this is not random, we don’t want this type of behaviour going on in our neighborhood. Our ENP officer is working on a solution to this one specifically.

Indecency With A Minor

You’ll see in the reports below a case of a “sexual offense”. These reports are kept highly confidential for the sake of the victim’s privacy, especially in the case of a minor. So limited information is available. An intoxicated person, regularly known to be a panhandler in the area, exposed himself to a minor in the parking lot behind the strip that contains Single-Wide Bar and Simply Fondue. There was no physical contact, but it was explicit. This was not a simple case of someone urinating in public with minors in sight. A case is being pursued by DPD. I’ve asked our ENP officer to continue offering “courtesy rides” to The Bridge for the homeless he encounters in the neighborhood.