December 2011 Crime Report

The crime reports for December are below. For the first time in a very long while, I simply don’t have any significant news to share. Once again, we had a very good month, with only 19 total incidents in the residential part of the neighborhood. Most significantly, there was only 1 burglary in the entire LGNA area in December and that one was of a garage, not the house itself. We did have 7 car-break-ins in the neighborhood, which is about typical. I’m hoping we can do better on this in the coming year.

In other good news, the electronics burglar which was working the M-Streets area appears to have either been arrested for something else or moved outside the Central division. There were no burglaries matching his MO in our area or the area around us.
I wanted to offer a big LGNA Thank You to all those who contributed to the goodie baskets for the fire station, tips for our ENP officer and the stuffed animals donated to DPD Patrol. As usual for our neighborhood, there was an abundance of donations from dozens of neighborhood residents. We brought 6 baskets of goodies to the fire station and almost 200 stuffed animals to DPD to use when dealing with children in distress situations.