November 2011 Crime Report

The crime reports for November are below. The overall number of incidents was again lower than usual, but the incidents we focus on the most (Burglaries and Car Break-ins) were about average. Of serious concern is the number of firearms stolen this month. I’ve raised this before in previous emails, but there were 4 incidents this month of guns being stolen. In one case, they were left unattended on the sidewalk after returning from a hunting trip. I understand many people keep them for personal protection, but if you’re not at home, please make sure they are well secured, preferably in a safe. 
Burlgary Trend Continues
The electronics burglar that has been operating in the area continues. We only had two incidents in our area this month that appear related, but our ENP officer tells me there were more on the east side of Skillman. We’ve had a few good tips where the police have responded rapidly, deploying the helicopter to search for the suspects, but thus far the suspects have eluded them. Please report suspicious persons to 911 immediately. 
Firestation Gift Basket Drive / Stuffed Animal Drive
We’ll be collecting holiday goodies for the Fire Station again this year, Saturday December 17, from 10am to 2pm. This year, we’ll be collecting the goodies at 5843 Vanderbilt, please note the change in address. We’ve done this many years in the past and there’s always a great turn-out from the neighborhood and they really appreciate all the brownies, fudge and cookies that you all bring. If you don’t have time to bake something, they can always use spare DVDs to watch in their down time. In addition, we’ll have a tip jar on hand for our ENP officers. They do outstanding work for us all year and any donations towards a holiday bonus are welcomed. New this year, we will also be collecting gently used stuff animals for the Dallas Police.  DPD officers keep stuffed toys in their patrol cars to give to frightened children involved in domestic violence calls or car accidents.  This citywide project is not well-publicized, so the police welcome any assistance.  This is a great opportunity to participate in a compassionate effort while removing some of the clutter from your home.  Please bring them by Dec 17, between 10am and 2pm to 5843 Vanderbilt.
Lowest Greenville Making Headway
For the last several years, we’ve been telling you about the crime problems we’ve had on Lowest Greenville, the area south of Belmont. At one point, police were deploying over a dozen officers at a time several nights week just to maintain order when the bar crowds hit. Gunfire and assaults were becoming the norm. Well, take a look at this month’s crime report for 1164! Only one incident reported on Greenville Ave south of Belmont. The two assaults reported happened at the convenience store on Skillman, not on Greenville Ave. While the road construction certainly had an impact on the crowds during this time, the bigger factor is no doubt the closing of several of the bad actors that drew these crowds to the area. The zoning change, which requires a Special Use Permit to operate past midnight, has been largely (and quickly) successful in reducing the crowds and the violence. Two operators who were denied their permits are still operating after filing a lawsuit against the city, but the other bad actors are gone. Things have improved so much that Chief Genovesi has been able to redeploy some of those weekend officers to trouble spots in Uptown. Its too early to judge the long term impact, but early signs are good.
Reminder About Package Delivery
Many of us do our Christmas shopping online and have packages delivered to our home. Please ensure that packages are not left on your doorstep. This is easy pickin’s for thieves at this time of year. Try to have them delivered to your office if possible. Or as an alternative, the UPS Store at Mockingbird and Greenville will accept deliveries for LGNA residents free of charge. Just give them a call ahead of time so that they know to expect it.