October 2011 Crime Reports

We had a fairly good month, in fact one of the lowest on record for burglaries and car break-ins in the residential part of the neighborhood. This month’s car break-in hot spot was the Walgreens at Matilda & Mockingbird, with three BMVs there in October.

Update on Burlgary Trend
The burglary trend that we reported on last month has continued, but seems to have slowed a little. There were three offenses in the area in October which we beleive are related. Although there were other burglaries, they had different MOs which lead us to beleive they are a different culprit. 
Got One
In an effort to identify the suspect in the burglary trend above, our ENP officer has been working every angle. Since his day job is as a detective in the Fusion unit, which is the high tech whiz-bang data center that the DPD maintains, he has access to some good investigative tools. Using things like ATM camera footage, he was able to identify a known burglar coming into the area on a predictable pattern. He then scheduled one of his patrol shifts to coincide with the time he expected him to arrive. Sure enough, he spotted the guy on a bicycle while he was on patrol. Officer Keith then called in on-duty patrol officers to assist in cornering and catching the guy. As it turns out, the bike was stolen from a garage in Vickery Place. They beleive he is responsible for some of our garage burglaries, but unfortunately, he’s not the one responsible for the trend above.
Cat Mutilations
There have been several recent cases of cats being mutilated in and around our neighborhood. I heard a second-hand report of a coyote sighting, but we know for certain there is a pack of foxes roaming the neighborhood. A resident in the M-Streets captured a photo of a group of foxes in the alley of 5100 Vanderbilt. Please be aware of this when putting you cat outside or when going for walks in the area. According to the DFW Wildlife Coalition, coyotes are a fact in life in cities these days. They typically roam at night in groups and look for the easiest meal they can find, either plant or animal. They can cover an area up to 20 square miles. Attacks on humans are very rare. But the best way to keep them away is to avoid leaving unsecured trash cans, birdseed spilling onto the ground and outdoor pet bowls. Greenland Hills NA is having 911Wildlife speak on this topic at their Dec 13th meeting at the Unity Church at 7pm. Feel free to attend.

Blue indicates residential areas. Yellow indicates commercial areas.
BOLD indicates an arrest was made.