January 2011 Crime Reports

We’re on a roll, four months in a row of below average crime reports! We’re down in most categories, but car break-ins continue to persist. The sad thing is that most of the car break-ins could be prevented. Each month when I get the crime stats, our ENP officer details each one listing just how many incidents involved cars (and sometimes homes) that were left unlocked or open with valuables in plain sight.

Good Guys 2 – Bad Guys 0 

I alerted you last week about the shooting that occurred in the parking lot in front of Kroger. As was initially reported in the press, it does appear to have been a drug deal gone bad. Suspects are in custody and there really isn’t any additional news to tell. In another event earlier this month, a couple of suspects in a white Lincoln shot off weapons in front of the 7/11 on Lowest Greenville.  The suspects fled and a chase ensued with police catching the bad guys in the 5000 block of Vickery.

St.Patrick’s Day Event Coming Soon

Most of us enjoy the St. Pat’s celebration in our neighborhood, but as always, exercise caution on Saturday March 12th. Members of the area neighborhood associations attended a meeting with Dallas Police this week to go over the plans for the event. We are following mostly the same plan as last year. While no one wants to throw a wet blanket on the party, it will be no-tolerance for DWIs and parking violations. You should receive an information form regarding the parking arrangements for the day and where to call for any event related problems such as noise, litter or parking. This should be delivered with your LGNA newsletter. A couple words of caution: If you’re throwing a party, make sure you are not violating TABC laws by charging for drinks or serving minors. (We’ve asked DPD to provide a short bullet list of things to be aware of so that no one gets cited for something they didn’t know about.) One major change this year is that DPD has decided to issue citations for open container violations this year. This is a major change in DPD’s St. Pat’s policy. If you are caught with an open container, you will likely have all your alcohol confiscated and receive a $250 citation. The neighborhoods did not ask for open container enforcement, but we felt we should get the word out so that no one is caught unaware.