Trash Talk – OneDayDallas

Ready or not, OneDayDallas is here. The City of Dallas’ new garbage and recycle collection service has not come without questions and concerns. Read on for some frequently asked questions about the OneDayDallas program courtesy of neighborhood residents Rusty and Debbie Daniel.

When will the program begin? OneDay starts on March 1, 2010. Households now receiving twice-a-week garbage pick-up will switch to once weekly garbage and recycle collection on the same day.

How do I know what my collection day will be? LGNA households on Ross and Lewis will receive garbage and recycle collection on Friday. Households from  La Vista to Mockingbird will receive collection on Monday. For questions, call 214-671-8877.

Can elderly residents or residents needing assistance receive help moving trash or recycle carts to the curb? Residents needing assistance with pick-up can call John Barlow at 214-670-6416 ( La Vista to Mockingbird) or William Spears at 214-671-8928 (Lewis and Ross) to work toward a solution.

Who is affected by the switch to curb service for garbage and recycle collection? Because most alleys in the LGNA area are too narrow for the mechanized trucks, our area is heavily impacted by the move from alley to front curb. If you now have front curb pickup for garbage and front curb pickup for recycling, then you will keep front curb pickup. If you now have alley pickup for garbage and front curb pickup for recycling, then you will switch both to front curb pickup. If you now have side street curb pickup, you will switch both garbage and recycle to front curb pickup. If you now have alley pickup for city gray-bin garbage and alley pickup for recycling, you will keep alley pickup.

When can I place my garbage roll cart on the curb for collection? City ordinance states that containers may be placed on the curb after 8pm the night before pick-up. To ensure garbage and recycle collection, containers must be on the curb by 7am of the scheduled pick-up day.

 How long can the cart remain on the curb after pick-up? City ordinance requires that the cart must be removed from the curb by 7am the day following pick-up. You will receive a citation if your gray or blue roll carts are left out beyond this limit.

What is the capacity of the new garbage roll carts and can I request a certain size? The new standard size garbage roll carts will be the same size as present blue recycle carts (96 gals). Smaller carts (64 and 48 gal.) are being offered and can be requested by calling 311. Blue recycle carts may also be requested for residence delivery by calling 311.

Am I required to bag household trash before placing it in the collection cart? No, bagging is not required. However, the City requires household trash be packed in the cart in such a way that it will not blow away when emptied.

What if my garbage or recycle exceeds the capacity of the cart? Put the excess garbage in trash bags (recycle in blue recycle bags) and place on top of the cart by the curb. If you consistently exceed cart capacity, you will be required to have an additional cart at a charge of $10.54 per month. Blue recycle bags are available at no charge at all Dallas Public Libraries.

How will I receive a city-issued garbage roll cart? If you have a City water service account and you now place your garbage in the alley, the Sanitation Department should have delivered a garbage roll cart to your residence in February. Begin using the cart in March.

For additional information about OneDay Dallas got to

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