January 2010 LGNA Meeting

Next Meeting: Volunteer Appreciation
Tues. Jan. 19  7:00pm
Snuffer’s Restaurant
3526 Greenville Ave.


 January’s LGNA membership meeting will be a thank-you to the scores of volunteers who make us known as an organization that cares about its residents.

Put Tuesday, January 19, on your calendar. Our friends at Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar will help LGNA host an informal party to meet your neighbors and get acquainted with others who care about our area. A special guest will be Dr. Bill Peterson, District 14’s new City Plan Commissioner.  This will be your opportunity to discuss your concerns about the area with our representative on the City Plan Commission.

The Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association has been described as one of the most active neighborhood associations in the city. That activity would not be possible without volunteers who help LGNA thrive. LGNA is indeed an active organization, and it is not a one-man-band.

Your newsletter and website are produced by volunteer labor, and the newsletter is delivered by a faithful crew of volunteers. National Night Out in Tietze Park, a cooperative venture of three neighborhood associations, is staffed by volunteers from all three groups. Planning for the event starts in April, and volunteers work at producing the flyer (which is delivered by volunteers) and planning NNO. Dozens of volunteers help at the park itself with set-up, preparing food, helping exhibitors, and of course, clean-up to leave Tietze Park ready for the next day.

Another well-known event is March’s St. Patrick’s block party on Greenville. LGNA is not involved in producing the St. Pat’s party but is very much involved in lessening the impact of thousands of visitors to our neighborhood. Beginning in January, LGNA volunteers meet with City officials and event organizers to plan for making the party as neighborhood friendly as possible.  LGNA works with Explorer posts and Boy Scout troops to construct and erect no-parking signs in the LGNA area from Ross to McCommas and to assist Lowest Greenville West NA with signs in their area.

LGNA volunteers also work on writing letters and testifying to support neighborhood interests in city zoning and Board of Adjustment matters, welcoming new neighborhood-friendly businesses and acquainting them with LGNA, delivering a new-resident welcome package, helping out with fund-raisers such as April’s school-supply cookout, working with other neighborhood associations on community projects like the Tietze Park birthday party and Adopt a Fire Station, and helping with the Lower Greenville Crime Watch.

If you’re a neighborhood volunteer or have an interest in becoming a neighborhood volunteer – or if you’d like to meet Commissioner Bill Peterson – come to the LGNA social at Snuffer’s Restaurant, 3526 Greenville.  7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 19.

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