Neighborhood Picnic April 4, 2009

LGNA is replacing its regular March meeting with a neighborhood picnic. Not an ordinary picnic, this will be a school supply drive benefiting both RE Lee and Stonewall Elementary.

We have a complete wish list below, but colored pencils, glue sticks, crayolas, post-it notes and tape are among the supplies needed. Our neighborhood schools are great, but they can always use our help.

For those who don’t have time to go shopping, we’ll have burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks available for a nominal charge. Proceeds from concessions will be used to purchase school supplies. Bring a blanket or some lawn chairs and enjoy a few hours with your neighbors. We encourage you to bring cookies, chips or other snacks to share. This will be a good opportunity to meet your neighbors, support our neighborhood schools and have some fun. Bring the kids!

The picnic will be held at the playground at RE Lee Elementary on April 4 from 11am to 1pm. The playground is located on the south side of the school along Goodwin. Please, no alcohol on school grounds!

Wish List by Grade Level

Kindergarten List:
Expo dry erase makers, assorted colors
File folders- letter size, assorted colors
White card stock, letter size paper
Colored card stock letter size
Sharpie permanent markers, black or red
Colored pencils
Addition & subtraction flash cards
Scissors for teachers
Jumbo paper clips

2nd Grade Wish List
Liquid glue
Glue sticks
Colored pencils
Visa, overhead pens
Plain white paper
Black markers
Folders for students

3rd Grade Wish List
Expo Visa makers, wet erase
Expo dry erase markers
Masking tape (large size)
Magnetic tape with adhesive backing
Glue sticks
Rubber cement
Colored paper
Post-it notes
Manila paper
Copy paper

4th Grade Wish List
2 boxes, colored file folders, assorted
4 boxes, crayola makers, fine tip
4 boxes, crayola makers, broad tip
4 sets, Visa overhead marker pens
4 sets, Mr. sketch chisel point makers
10 boxes, colored pencils, 12 count
1 single hole punch
1 roll magnetic tape
8 packages magnetic bulldog clips
2 gross of # 2 pencils
1 large post-it notes easel pad
2 packages post-it notes, 2”x5”, neon
10 scissors
2 packages, black ballpoint pens
2 boxes, push pins
2 boxes, black clips

5th Grade Wish List
Correction fluid
Electric pencil sharpeners
Tip marker, fine & broad
Manila paper, 18”x12”
Gel pens
Glue sticks
Tape, scotch & masking
Tape dispenser