Street Lighting Project

A meeting was held in Novemeber to discuss street lighting with the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department. The following is the most recent email update from the city regarding moving this project. Once the next steps are completed, we will update the residents.

After reviewing the sign in sheets, and having much internal discussion, it was decided that the City would address this situation in a unique manner. Normally lighting requests are to be submitted by an individual that lives on the street (block) in question and that individual serves as the party responsible for obtaining feedback from the residents that would be most affected. However since there has been a large amount of feedback for and against additional light, and the type desired, we will break down the process in phases then I will follow up with each association group separately on their area needs and concerns. Below is a general outline of how we will be moving forward through each of the phases.

Phase I – Submit Additional Lighting Request for Your Street (DONE)

Feedback provided at the meeting will be accepted for this project only.
As discussed in the November 18 meeting and outlined in the lighting brochure, this step is normally accomplished by submitting a 3-1-1 service request by the street resident.
Future requests should be submitted by a resident that lives on the street in question. 
Phase II – Evaluation of all Streets in each area by the City (Projected Completion of ALL areas – January 12, 2009)
Since the amount of feedback received by DPD exceeded the number the residents that could attend the November 18 meeting the City will perform a lighting evaluation for each neighborhood area that was represented at the meeting.
Attached you will find a file showing each zone that will be evaluated which was created based on the addresses provided on the meeting sign in sheets.
Each street will be researched and evaluated and the Area Coordinator will submit the City findings to each association for their association area only. Three (3) probable results will be presented during THIS project process:
Street evaluation shows that there is NOT A NEED for additional lighting on a street. To move forward to PHASE III from this point would result in “excessive lighting” costs to community.
Street evaluation reveals a HAZARDOUS NEED for lighting for a block range on a street (ex: high vehicle/pedestrian traffic intersections). City will notify affected residents that light will be installed. No PHASE III process occurs.
Street evaluation shows that a request for additional lighting is JUSTIFIED for a block range on a street. Phase III is will begin.
Phase III – Obtaining Additional “STANDARD” Lighting that has been JUSTIFIED by the City (PENDING)
The City will map the “recommended” locations where additional lighting should be placed. This lighting would be installed on wooden poles with exposed wires.
Each neighborhood group will receive map information of their area locations, an explanation to the next steps and the petitions for those streets.
Area Coordinator and DPD will work with each neighborhood group to get the word out about the request for additional lighting so those affected will have a chance to voice their decision
Installation of lighting will occur for locations that obtain and majority approval signature from residents that would be most affected by the additional lighting being installed.
** Neighborhood Association that Desire Period Lighting **
As indicated in the November meeting period (or historic) lighting can be pursued even if the streets in question fall under excessive lighting or not justified.
Regardless of the evaluation result, this type of lighting is paid for by the community.
Cost for this lighting (avg. $10, 000 each pole) is mostly the result of the installation process of connecting and burying the wires underground.
Associations that still desire pursuing this type of lighting can set up a committee to meet with Area Coordinator to discuss this beautification project
Once the City completes PHASE II your Area Coordinator will send out a follow up emails to update neighborhood contacts on their areas. If you have any questions relating to the information provided please do not hesitate to call me. 

Pamè La Ashford
Central Service Area Coordinator
City of Dallas, Strategic Customer Services
1500 Marilla Drive – L2AN-B Dallas, TX 75201