Burglar Arrested Thru ENP

The Lower Greenville Crime Watch announces the first arrest to be conducted as part of our Extended Neighborhood Patrol. The arrest was of a career criminal who most recently burglarized a home in the 5800 block of Kenwood. There is no way to know how many burglaries we prevented with this arrest, but we are confident it was no small number based on the length of the burglar’s rap sheet. His rap sheet included numerous burglary incidents going back 7 years.

This story begins with an alert neighbor who witnessed someone suspicious and called 911 with a license number. Keith Allen, our ENP officer, was able to track the vehicle to a known person outside the city. Although this individual didn’t match the description of the suspect, it was determined that he had loaned the car to someone else. With some persuasive arguements from our patrol officer, the name of the suspected burglar was obtained. With that name, a photo line-up was produced and presented to the original witness. Our neighbor identified the man in the line up as the burglar. Our ENP officer then went back to the vehicle owner and found out when the suspect would be borrowing the vehicle again. He then scheduled an ENP shift to coincide so that he could be on the look-out for him. Officer Keith then waited with undercover officers for the burglar to arrive and executed the arrest.

Although DPD always does its best to pursue leads, our ENP officer went the extra mile and caught this burglar. This arrest was made possible by two very important residents. First to the neighbor on Kenwood who turned in the suspicious license plate which started this chain of events. Secondly, all the residents in the area that have contributed to the Extended Neighborhood Patrol program. Although they receive personal benefits from the program, it is the added police presence in the neighborhood that protects us all. For more information on the LGNA ENP program, download our ENP Flyer.

ENP Flyer