Robert E. Lee-We’re Bringing Public Back!

Robert E. Lee is seeing big changes, big buzz and leaps and bounds in parental and community involvement. Lee joins Stonewall as a jewel in DISD’s crown!

With a PTA led by a dynamic and hardworking President, and a strong effective principal, Lee is based to become a premier school in DISD.

Most exciting, DISD has approved a dual language program modeled after the Dallas International School Curriculum to be implemented at Lee as early as next year. Kindergarten and First Graders will have the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish while still having classes in English. Were you aware that dual language students of ALL backgrounds score higher on standardized tests than traditional students?

From the new Dads Club to great local business support from Stan’s Blue Note and Blue Goose-Lee is the new “go-to” school!

Interested in learning more about Lee? School Tours will be starting in the next month for interested prospective parents or community members. Kindergarten Round-Up is scheduled for February 20th.

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