City of Dallas Comprehensive Plan

What is this “Comprehensive Plan” we’ve been reading about? Why is the city creating it? What will it do? How will it affect us?

These questions and many more were answered for residents of the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association who attended our regular meeting on Tuesday, November 16. Peer Chacko, Planning Manager for the city of Dallas, gave an extremely interesting and informative presentation on the city’s blueprint for a healthy and successful Dallas.

What and Why? – Urban areas such as Dallas can be vibrant, amazing places, providing a wealth of opportunities for business, education, entertainment, food, art, and recreation – within a relatively small area. But without thoughtful guidance shaping an urban area’s growth, problems such as congestion, long commutes, loss of open space, and air and water pollution can undermine its livability.

Dallas is one of the largest cities in the country without a comprehensive plan for growth. The city has the potential for a strong economic future, but for that growth to be most beneficial there must be a long-range plan.

One of planning’s many advantages is it allows a community to choose the areas where it wants to focus growth (for example, in commercial districts or around transit stations) and choose areas to maintain stability (such as existing established neighborhoods).

A Comprehensive Plan uses a community’s vision and priorities to develop guidelines for future development and strategies to help achieve those goals. Dallas’ plan will focus on guiding and integrating three elements:
Land Use – Working strategically to stabilize existing residential neighborhoods and to accommodate growth, housing needs and development patterns.
Transportation – Using roads efficiently, reducing congestion, and supporting development around DART stations.
Economic Development – Supporting business recruitment and retention, retail growth, and small business development

What Impact Will It Have? – The Comprehensive Plan will be designed to provide the blueprint for implementation actions and act as a guide for the City Council regarding allocation of City resources. The plan will focus growth where it is wanted and needed and protect stable areas of the City. The plan will also address convenient access to shopping and jobs for more people, and provide more housing and travel options for residents.

How Will The Comprehensive Plan Be Created? – The City has begun to hold workshops throughout the city so that residents of Dallas can share their ideas about how Dallas should grow during the next several decades. Participants are making recommendations about where homes and jobs of the future should be located around the city. They also make suggestions about transportation, transit, and roadway needs and areas to be preserved as open space. The input gained through these workshops will form the foundation upon which the Comprehensive Plan will be built.

The City of Dallas encourages residents from all over the city to get involved and share their ideas at one or all of these important community workshops.

How Can I Participate? – For information on how you can help shape the future of Dallas…

Call the Comprehensive Plan Hotline – 214-670-3312
Or check the following Web sites – or