Resident Parking Only

Parking is a long standing issue for Lower Greenville Residents. The City of Dallas offers an option to residents to create “Resident Only Parking” zones on streets where overflow parking from commercial businesses is occupying a significant part of the street. Since 1999, LGNA has maintained a policy that RPO is a block-by-block decision and respects the right of residents to determine whether they wish to implement this measure. While LGNA does not actively seek out blocks to apply this to, we will happily provide guidance and assistance to any residents who wish to pursue RPO. Applications and forms for RPO are available for download at the bottom of this page.

The best description of the program comes from the City of Dallas website:

A residential parking only program establishes zones to restrict on-street parking during certain hours and days and allows only those vehicles displaying a parking permit (rear view mirror hang tag) to park within the zone. Any vehicle parked in the zone without a permit, during restricted hours and days, can be ticketed, towed, or immobilized.

An area may qualify to become an RPO zone by submitting a petition signed by two-thirds of the property owners or residents indicating their desire for the RPO program and a $50 application fee. City staff will conduct a field survey to determine if more than 60% of the available parking spaces are in use and 20% is non-residential parking during the requested days and hours. If a zone qualifies, the residents will bear all costs of sign fabrication and installation ($42 each).

Each resident or business can purchase a maximum of six hang tags. Hang tags cost $6 plus tax per year. To qualify for a permit, the person must show proof that they live or own a business in the zone which has been designated as RPO. Before issuing the tags, the City will investigate to reveal any unresolved parking violations. Households may also purchase a maximum of 50 one-day guest permits for events or parties on a specific date at a cost of 10 cents each.

Any vehicle parked in a designated zone during the effective hours (including vehicles with handicapped parking tag or license) must display the RPO hang tag or be in violation.

RPO hangtag applications are accepted by mail or in person at the City of Dallas Parking Service Office, 320 East Jefferson Boulevard, Room 100, Dallas, TX 75203. The ordinance requires applicants to provide a copy of their driver’s license with current address and utility bill or lease agreement.


Hangtag Application Form