CRIME ALERT: Robberies along Greenville Ave.

On Thursday night, Jan 29th there was a robbery at Greenville/Ellsworth about 1:40am  (Friday morning)  Suspects were described as 2 black males, around 5’10”, one in a red jacket, another in a grey jacket. The victim was walking with his bike when the suspects approached him and put a black and silver pistol to his head and made off with his wallet, cell phone and back pack.

The next night (still the 29th) around 9:45pm, a similar robbery occurred in the 5800 block of Prospect, near Matilda. The suspects were described as a black male and a latin male in dark clothing driving a 4-door, grey or light blue older vehicle. The suspects approached the victim from behind, put a pistol to his head, made him lie down and then took his cell phone and wallet from his pockets.

Although these two attacks were on different ends of Greenville and occurred almost 24 hours apart, police have additional evidence to believe that these are related offenses. So far there do not appear to be any additional related offenses. But if I hear differently, I’ll let you know.

We all love living in a walkable area and the weather this winter has been very amenable to walking out to our favorite watering holes. But please exercise caution, especially after dark and when walking alone.