Volunteer Opportunities to Prepare for St. Patrick’s Celebration

On Saturday, March 7, LGNA volunteers will be working with Explorer Scouts to construct 750+ temporary “No Parking” signs. We’ll meet at the Tietze Park pavilion at 9:00 AM until approximately 11:00 AM. Breakfast will be provided by LGNA, Blue Goose Cantina, and US Foods. Bring a hammer if you have one. After construction, the signs will be transported to storage, so trucks will be appreciated.

On Thursday, March 12, volunteers can go to 5843 Vanderbilt between 3:00 PM and sunset to be assigned to sign-posting crews. Crews consist of a driver to carry the signs and 2-3 “installers” to walk along and post the signs. Instructions and some mallets are provided; however, please bring a hammer or mallet if you have one. Depending on the number of volunteers, we’ll continue until all signs are posted. Dinner will be provided by LGNA, Blue Goose Cantina, The Dubliner, State Representative Morgan Meyer, and US. Foods.

For additional information on either event, email Director1@LGNA.net or call 214-821-2562.