January Crime Reports

The January crime reports are below. Simply put, best month ever. There were only 8 TOTAL crime incidents in the residential part of the neighborhood. It wasn’t that long ago that we would have 8 burglaries per month alone. There were no home break-ins this month though there was a string of garage break-ins in the BACD area and small cluster of car break-ins in the M-Streets East area, this may be the lowest number of car breakins I’ve seen in a long time. I spoke to our ENP officer and he tells me that residential crimes were down all over the city in January mostly due to the cold and wet weather we had. I’m not going to complain about that, but don’t expect that to hold as the weather improves. The only down side is that we are seeing a little more crime along the business corridor on Greenville. Several businesses have had burglaries and incidents of dine & dash and credit card fraud are becoming more common.

Getting ready for St. Pat’s
In about a month, the annual swarming of lepruchauns will hit the neighborhood. The information about the event, including parking restrictions and emergency contact numbers will be incorporated into your LGNA newsletter. Please be sure to check your newsletter for all the details. I will also send out further emails with more info as we get closer to the event. The event will be Saturday March 14th. As usual, LGNA will be working with the businesses hosting the street party to place No Parking signs throughout most of the neighborhood. Signs will be installed on the Thursday prior to the event but are only in effect on the day of the event. As always, we need a lot of volunteers to help with posting the signs. If you are able, join us on Thursday March 12th between 5pm and 7pm at 5843 Vanderbilt to help post signs.

REPORTING AREA 1140 McCommas to Mockingbird
Theft 01/15/15 35xx Greenville Sundown Drinks
Burglary 01/23/15 57xx Mockingbird Flavor Vapor Currency
Burglary 01/24/15 57xx Mockingbird Subway Currency
REPORTING AREA 1145 Goodwin To Morningside
Theft (BMV) 01/02/15 59xx McCommas Public Street Tires/Rims
Theft (BMV) 01/14/15 58xx Morningside Driveway Tools
Theft (BMV) 01/23/15 57xx Monticello Public Street Tailgate
Theft 01/02/15 29xx Greenville Stans Drinks
REPORTING AREA 1162 Belmont to Vickery
Burglary 01/10/15 60xx Belmont Shed Unknown
Burglary 01/11/15 60xx Velasco Garage Tools
Burglary 01/18/15 59xx Velasco Garage Bikes
Theft 01/18/15 58xx Belmont Backyard Lighting
REPORTING AREA 1164 Ross to Richmond
Agg. Assault 01/22/15 59xx La Vista Residence
Burglary 01/05/15 21xx Greenville Company Cafe Safe
Theft 01/08/15 21xx Greenville Bottle Shop Credit Cards
Theft (BMV) 01/08/15 21xx Greenville Parking Lot License Plate