December 2014 Crime Report

The December crime reports are below. There was only one Auto Theft this month. This is back down to normal after several months of abnormally high numbers of auto thefts. We continue to see car break-ins (BMVs) sprinkled throughout the neighborhood, though nothing higher than the usual amount. There were three tailgate thefts this month on Anita, Ellsworth and Marquita. Each incident happened about ten days apart. If you drive a pickup, try to keep it off the street.
Posing as Atmos Employees
In the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, a couple of guys posing as Atmos employees approach a resident on Winton and stated they needed access to the neighbor’s backyard. A short time later, they returned and stole an air conditioning unit. Over the years, we’ve had several complaints from residents about seeing people in their backyard claiming to be with Atmos but rushing off when confronted. Although we have complained to Atmos several times, they still do not require that their employees wear uniforms or any company branded apparel. However they should be carrying identification. If anyone ever approaches you and claims to be an Atmos employee, please demand to see their ID. If they refuse, call 911 and report this as a prowler and give them the best description your can.

There were two robberies on Lowest Greenville in December. In both cases, the victims were employees in the parking lot of their establishment. One involved Nora’s employees on a smoke break. They were approached by 4 suspects armed with a BB Gun who got away with a cell phone. The second was in the parking lot of Frank’s Key’s where a known homeless man attempted to sell some tools to the guy. When he refused, the suspect attempted to rob him. A fight ensued and the suspect was ultimately arrested.

Reports in blue are in residential areas, yellow are in commercial areas.

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