Volunteers needed for the Robert E. Lee Gardens


This coming Tuesday morning, November 18, Robert E. Lee Elementary needs 8 people to come dig in the dirt and help Mrs. Flanagan and other volunteers maintain our beautiful organic garden! 

The garden will be receiving a mulch delivery around 9:30 AM. It will need to be distributed to the veggie beds and garden in preparation for cold temps. Uh oh, the cold weather is already here … so you see this is very important!

Please bring a wheelbarrow and/or a rubber mallet if you have one. Thank you!

The ongoing Garden volunteer times take place on Mondays from 9:15-12:15pm. Those of you who have expressed interest in helping during garden lessons, please be advised that if the temperature is below 50, it is raining, or the ground is too soggy due to a recent rainfall, garden time does not take place. If there is any doubt please contact the main office before visiting the campus to help in the garden.

Sign up here.  ** If you have not completed your DISD volunteer training, that is ok for Tuesday, 11/18 … we need bodies! Please check in at the front desk and get badged for the morning.