Crime Alert – Attempted Robbery

Logo_CrimeAlertOn Saturday afternoon, around 5:20pm, a woman walking alone was the victim of an attempted robbery in the 58xx block of Monticello. The suspect approached her from behind and asked her for the time. He then displayed a black handgun and demanded her belongings. She refused and he pointed the gun at her head. She then began yelling loudly for help. At that point the suspect jumped into a waiting vehicle and fled the scene eastbound.

The suspect is described as a Latin male, 5’8″, approximately 250lbs. The vehicle was a 2-door gray/silver Cadillac. If you see someone matching this description, call 911 immediately.

Fortunately, there was no loss and the victim was not hurt. However, I would strongly discourage saying no when confronted with a robber. In the past, people have been beaten and even shot at when attempting to challenge a robber. You should NEVER put your life in danger this way.