Volunteer Opportunities to Prepare for St. Patrick’s Celebration

On Saturday, March 7, LGNA volunteers will be working with Explorer Scouts to construct 750+ temporary “No Parking” signs. We’ll meet at the Tietze Park pavilion at 9:00 AM until approximately 11:00 AM. Breakfast will be provided by LGNA, Blue Goose Cantina, and US Foods. Bring a hammer if you have one. After construction, the signs will be transported to storage, so trucks will be appreciated.

On Thursday, March 12, volunteers can go to 5843 Vanderbilt between 3:00 PM and sunset to be assigned to sign-posting crews. Crews consist of a driver to carry the signs and 2-3 “installers” to walk along and post the signs. Instructions and some mallets are provided; however, please bring a hammer or mallet if you have one. Depending on the number of volunteers, we’ll continue until all signs are posted. Dinner will be provided by LGNA, Blue Goose Cantina, The Dubliner, State Representative Morgan Meyer, and US. Foods.

For additional information on either event, email Director1@LGNA.net or call 214-821-2562.

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March April Newletter 2015

In this issue: St. Patrick’s Volunteers Needed, St. Patrick’s Events, Tornado Season, Did you know and more.


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St. Patrick’s Day 2015

LepruchanThe annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and celebration on Lower Greenville will take place this year on Saturday, March 14, 2015. The City has coordinated efforts with the Dallas Police, neighborhood residents, special events office, code, sanitation, parking enforcement, event sponsors, Councilmember Philip Kingston, and others to limit the impact of these events on our Lower Greenville neighborhoods. LGNA will include a special flyer with details about the event in its newsletter being delivered just prior to the event.

This map shows where the “No Parking” restrictions will be in place. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be installed on one side of Continue reading

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January Crime Reports

The January crime reports are below. Simply put, best month ever. There were only 8 TOTAL crime incidents in the residential part of the neighborhood. It wasn’t that long ago that we would have 8 burglaries per month alone. There were no home break-ins this month though there was a string of garage break-ins in the BACD area and small cluster of car break-ins in the M-Streets East area, this may be the lowest number of car breakins I’ve seen in a long time. I spoke to our ENP officer and he tells me that residential crimes were down all over the city in January mostly due to the cold and wet weather we had. I’m not going to complain about that, but don’t expect that to hold as the weather improves. The only down Continue reading

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January February Newletter 2015

In this issue: How To Be Safe In An Earthquake, Living With Wildlife, Exciting Things Happening At Lee Elementary, Lakewood Theater, Did You Know?, Rooftop Garden, Fatal Accident On Matilda


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December 2014 Crime Report

The December crime reports are below. There was only one Auto Theft this month. This is back down to normal after several months of abnormally high numbers of auto thefts. We continue to see car break-ins (BMVs) sprinkled throughout the neighborhood, though nothing higher than the usual amount. There were three tailgate thefts this month on Anita, Ellsworth and Marquita. Each incident happened about ten days apart. If you drive a pickup, try to keep it off the street.
Posing as Atmos Employees
In the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, a couple of guys posing as Atmos employees approach a resident on Winton and stated they needed access to the neighbor’s backyard. A short time Continue reading

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How to be Safe in an Earthquake

Given recent seismic activity in our area, the Dallas Office of Emergency Management offers the following suggestions for being safe during an earthquake.

1. Don’t run during the shaking. Most injuries are from falling objects, not collapsing buildings.
2. Drop, cover and hold under a desk or table within the first 3-4 seconds of shaking. Stay there until the shaking stops.
3. If you are in a place without a table, get low! Think beneath, beside, between.
Getting beneath any desk or table is the best option. Sit beside an inside wall. Get low beside heavy furniture. Crouch low between rows of chairs in a movie theater, church or stadium. Get low beside and beneath the level of a grocery cart in the supermarket.
4. If you are outside in an open area… Sit down and cover your head with your arms.
5. If you are outside close to a building… Move into the building and find a safe place. Immediately outside a building is called the “danger zone”.

NOTE: Doorways are NOT a recommended safe place in an earthquake. It’s difficult to stay in the doorway during the shaking and the door often causes injury when it swings open and closed during the shaking.

See this Dallas DropCoverHold handout for more information.

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