Fire Station Baskets / Toys for Cops

Saturday, December 12 brings two opportunities to boost your holiday spirit.

For the tenth year, the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association will be collecting Christmas goodies for the firefighters at Station 17. It’s our way of saying “Thanks for watching out for us.” Bring your cookies, brownies, chips & salsa, or any other holiday treats – either homemade or purchased – and we’ll assemble a basket for each of the three shifts and deliver the baskets. Previous years have seen donations of non-food items such as supermarket gift cards, games, and DVDs, and the firefighters were delighted.

Again this year, we’ll be collecting gently used stuffed toys for the Dallas Police Department. DPD officers keep stuffed toys in their patrol cars to give to frightened children involved in domestic violence calls or car accidents. This citywide project is not well-publicized, so the police welcome any assistance. This is a great opportunity to participate in a compassionate effort while removing some of the clutter from your home.

Saturday, December 12 – bring your stuffed toys and holiday goody donations to 5843 Vanderbilt between 10am and 2pm, and we’ll deliver them to Central Patrol and the fire station. If you’re unable to come by on Saturday, a box will be on the porch for toys and non-perishable fire station donations on Thursday and Friday, December 10-11.


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An Early Start for Thanksgiving Dinner

Who can resist an additional Thanksgiving dinner – one that is guaranteed to include good food and good company?

Once again LGNA will join Skillman Church of Christ and other neighborhood groups to host an early community Thanksgiving dinner the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. This year the date is November 24, and dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. Skillman Church is located at 3014 Skillman with a well-lighted parking lot. The church will be collecting monetary donations for the North Texas Food Bank.

Turkeys, hams, drinks, and dinnerware will be provided by Skillman Church and the neighborhood associations. Neighbors are urged to bring salads, vegetables, desserts, and/or rolls in disposable containers.

Come and enjoy yourselves. No long speeches, and you know that no one is going to bring bad food to a potluck dinner.

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Volunteering became a passion, a heroic gesture and a way of life for a dedicated parent like Sofia Hurley, who has a son named Kelly, a fourth grader from Robert E. Lee Elementary. Sofia spends most of her time volunteering at her son’s school; she is the PTA President of Robert E. Lee Elementary for two years now. Aside from PTA, she is part of the SBDM, a school advisory committee and a DISD SHAC Sub Committee Chair for Nutrition and Wellness Policy. She is advocating for more parental and community involvement and to be a Hero to your local school. The school welcomes volunteers to help shelves books, read to students and tutor them, as well as help on the garden and assist teacher for minor task like lamination, folder stuffing and so much more.

Sofia’s volunteerism extends far, as she is a new member of Heroes, Cops and Kids, a nonprofit organization designed to bring the police department and the community closer together. The police officers dress up as superheroes so children in the community feel at ease when talking to them, looking at their favorite superhero is not as threatening. The superhero team is lead by Sgt. Merlin Lofton who dressed as Capt. America, along with retired officer Ric Campbell as Batman and many other superheroes who visit schools to advocate anti bullying campaign, visit hospitals to help ill children forget their sickness and making them smile and engage children at many police department community events like NNO, Chief on the Beat and many more. Sofia first volunteered as a costume repair girl, she touched up paint, do alterations and maintenance on one of the officers Iron Man suit. She helps them suit up and then photographed the heroes at these events. Her role as the new Wonder Woman came later when Captain America recognized her heroic deeds while she was in the Philippines.

Sofia returned to her country last summer filled with positive energy, great passion and a unique vision of a change for the future. Like all her trips she invested some of her time gathering neighborhood children along with her son, Kelly and teaching them something as simple as identifying international flags, geography, all about rocks, recycling and mathematical shortcuts to multiplication in a make shift nipa hut as a school. However this time was different, her vision was to teach young children how to be superheroes in their community.

Inspired by Heroes, Cops and Kids’ mission, Capt. America / Sgt. Merlin Lofton’s vision of Schools of Heroes and Superman /Iron man – Damon Cole, who traveled 11 hours to visit a sick child named Bryce in Illinois, Sofia Hurley found her passion at last. Her unique vision was to create a worldwide community to make young adults and children into young superheroes and inspire them to follow the same footstep of any individuals who try to make a difference through heroic action with a twist of fun by dressing up as superheroes.

Sofia is now back in Dallas after a month and a half trip in the Philippines to resume her duties as PTA President, mom and a dedicated volunteer to Heroes, Cops and Kids as Wonder Woman. She is recently advocating for Hallie and Cline, two young children who are seeking for bone marrow donors, visit to join Hallie’s Heroes.

Sofia is still continuing to promote We Could Be Heroes community in the Philippines, here in Dallas and everywhere. She is instilling the heroic heart to her son Kelly, who dressed up as Superman and helped her campaign for making heroes out of children, that although no superpowers, we all can give back through caring for one another and giving what source of life we have to someone who needs it.

All of Sofia’s efforts and volunteerism was made possible through the support of her behind the scene hero Patrick Hurley. Joseph Campbell quoted, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” so please join Sofia Hurley, be a hero, be a donor and be a volunteer.

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November December LGNA Newsletter 2015

In this issue: An early start for Thanksgiving, Tis the season for a Lower Greenville holiday, We could be heroes, The quiet church, A new pool for Tietze, and more.


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National Night Out 2015 Was Super!

LGNA’s annual National Night Out event, hosted in coordination with Lakewood Heights, Lowest Greenville West and the Friends of Tietze Park Foundation, had a few extra visitors this year in the form of Super Friends, Captain America and Wonder Woman. The weather cooperated and the neighborhood turnout was stellar as usual. Check out some photos below from the event, courtesy of Harley Cozewith, LGNA resident.

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National Night Out 2015 Next Week!

NNOTP_LogoThis year’s National Night Out at Tietze Park will be Tuesday, October 6 from 5:30-8:00pm.

National Night Out is designed to strengthen community relationship between residents and public service organizations such as police, city departments and charitable organizations that serve the community. This year’s event is hosted by three neighborhood associations – Lower Greenville, Lakewood Heights, and Lowest Greenville West and The Friends of Tietze Park Foundation.

On hand will be police officers to talk to about crime concerns. In addition, we will have exhibits from quality-of-life and charitable organizations. We’ll have the face painters, hotdogs, live music, and a bounce house.

This is a great opportunity to have some fun, meet some neighbors, and learn a little something about health and safety. Look for the manila flyer on your doorstep. The event will take the place of our regularly scheduled November LGNA meeting. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

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September October Newsletter 2015

In this issue: Save the Date – National Night Out, Stonewall Gardens Goings On, July Fajita Fest, Elizabeth’s Gold Project, Vicery Towers Update, Sidewalk Replacement Programs, Lakewood Theater Concerns, and more.


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